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What Our Customers Are Saying

MarketHairExtension prides itself on customer service and satisfaction by ensuring top quality hair extensions and wigs. See what other customers had to say about their hair extensions and wigs purchases online.

  • Danny - From USA

  • If you have really thick hair and looking to add length I doubt this will match your hair. My own hair is shoulder length and isn’t thick. I’m using these extensions to give my hair more length and volume and they are PERFECT.

  • Anthony - From USA

  • My hair is thin from losing it to Cancer twice, and having Thyroid disease. I bought this brand for the first time. It’s perfect for the price, and comes with plenty of hair. Reminds me of what my hair USED to look like. I would buy again!

  • Rita - From USA

  • My first opinion is that they’re really great! They’re super soft and the color blends really well with my real hair. The hair is very thick. I can’t say how they’ll hold up as time goes on but I’d recommend them for sure!

  • Laurie - From USA

  • Love Love Love them!! I used the hair extensions and my hair stylist made it into ombre! I have been using this product for about 2 years and love how thick they are. These are the best extensions I have ever had. For a girl who has been wearing extensions for about 6 years I highly recommend this!

  • Rachel - From USA

  • Hair looks good and feels good. For the price it really is a great deal. It’s really a surprise that the color is better than I expected for, and very good quality product. Looks natural.

  • Alice - From USA

  • I just received these hair extensions in the mail today and they came in nice packaging. The hair is really soft and good quality. I only purchased one set as I already have other lengths to blend with my hair. So far I like these extensions and will be purchasing more from this brand in the future!

  • Rachel - From UK

  • I recently purchased hair extension in Ash Blonde, and I couldn't be more pleased! The hair is so soft and silky, the color was absolutely perfect. This hair extension curled perfectly, blending with my own hair seamlessly and looked completely natural. 

  • Karen - From England

  • I can’t believe the color match and the quality of the hair. So easy to clip in and light weight. So glad I finally decided to give these a try. I feel good when I’m wearing these!

  • Bambia - From England

  • I've tried many different hair extensions. These are my favorite! So thick! The colors look so natural and blend extreamly well! Great customer service and help with color matching!

  • Amanda - From UK

  • I received my parcel last night and can’t wait to wear them. They are so beautiful and blend in my hair well. I was upset and sad with my hair falling out. These hair gave back my confidence. Thank you.

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